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Banks Are the 'Grenade,' Not the Canary in a Coalmine

Fed Rules Redefining Bank Oversight to Be Issued This Week

US prudential standards to exceed Basel III

Investors May Shun Banks’ Contingent Convertibles as Regulator Adds Limits

European banks seeking to meet capital targets by selling contingent convertible bonds may struggle to attract investors after regulators imposed limits on the form the instruments must take.

US regulators toss out Basel, look to take ratings out of capital requirements picture

Three US agencies have proposed new capital rules for US banks that look set to purge credit ratings from US capital calculations. This meets a tough deadline set by the Dodd-Frank Act, but sets the US on a divergent path from regulators in Europe where ratings remain at the heart of CRD IV.

EBA green lights CoCos as experts warn of death spiral effects

CoCos no salvation as banks start capital hunt

Nomura First to Sell Debt With Risk of Write-Off: Japan Credit

Nomura Holdings Inc., Japan's biggest brokerage, plans to become the country's first issuer of bonds that run the risk of being written off if capital is depleted.

Cyprus Banks Face EUR3.53B Capital Shortfall

Market holds breath ahead of CoCo termsheet

The decline of “safe” assets