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Bank capital: Cocos could be tough nuts to crack

Banks In Canada And The New Basel Rules

The Basel Committee paid attention to Canadian advice and now actively discusses this regulatory feature in a hope to help stabilize the business environment for the world’s banks. 

IFR-Banks consider awarding CoCos as bonuses

Remuneration committees at a number of firms are considering awarding bankers their annual bonus in contingent convertible capital bonds as a way to remain competitive on pay while staying within the spirit of new rules

Analysis: CoCos: trillion dollar market in need of investors

They've got a catchy name, bank regulators like them and there's a $1 trillion capital hole for them to fill. All CoCos need now are investors.

Bonuses go Coco - short view - markets

Credit Suisse Mulls Issuing Up to $30 Billion in 'Coco' Bonds

Credit Suisse’s chief executive said he hoped to begin issuing billions of dollars in contingent-capital bonds in the next year to help shore up the bank’s financial strength well ahead of new Swiss regulations

S&P reluctantly sees $1,000bn two-tiered CoCo market

Standard and Poor's believes that, at a global banking system level, the amount of Tier 1 and Tier 2 contingent capital-style instruments to be issued in mature economies will probably amount to at least $1 trillion.

Bank contingent capital needs may hit $1 trln -S&P

S&P reluctantly sees $1,000bn two-tiered CoCo market

CoCos offer banks more hope than bail-in: CentralBanking.com panel

Rabobank succesfully issues Senior Contingent Notes