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New CoCo Issued by Credit Suisse

The capital measures include mandatory and contingent convertible securities of CHF 3.8 billion issued at a fixed conversion price of CHF 16.29 per share. This conversion price is different from the mechanism used in the previous CoCo issue.  Investors in the mandatory and contingent convertible securities (“MACCS”) include existing investors, such as the Qatar Holding LLC, The Olayan Group and the Norges Bank Investment Management, as well as new investors such as the Singapore-based investment company Temasek.

U.S. risk council says anti-crisis bonds "useful tool"

Credit Suisse to strengthen its capital buffers

Credit Suisse Group says it is raising 8.7 billion Swiss francs (US $8.9 billion) to bolster its capital reserves. The Swiss bank says 3.8 billion francs come from the placement of so-called contingent convertible bonds underwritten by investors from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

Prices diverge as CVA exemption remains uncertain

Draft of $123 Billion Bailout Deal Puts Bond-Loss Burden on Smaller Investors

Spain to Cede Bank Control