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Bankers wary of CRD IV proposals

Banking associations have cautiously welcomed the Capital Requirements Directive proposals for the European implementation of Basel III but concerns remain about the potential for the reforms to disadvantage EU bankers.

Credit Suisse Defends Coco Bonds: Sees Robust Market Emerging

AIB - Capital Raising Update

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Europe bank rules bring clarity on hybrids, disappoint some

Credit Suisse: Basle and FSB announcements are not death knell for CoCo market

Europe bank rules bring clarity on hybrids, disappoint some

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Global Financial Strategy - Bankers wary of CRD IV proposals

Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee member Vicky Ford MEP has criticised a European Commission requirement making it harder for national regulators to impose greater capital requirements on their banks. 

The CoCo cap – a mere €150bn?

Basel Regulators Force Banks to Cut Contingent Convertible Plans

Global regulators’ decision to stop banks using contingent convertible bonds to meet planned capital rules may cut the market for the securities by about half.

FSB backs bank surcharge, imposing bondholder loss

The FSB also approved a separate measure introducing a new global framework of rules and supervisory tool kits to deal with failing banks in a consistent way across borders.

Stress tests: Buy the EBA failures; sell the SIFIs

G20 task force expected to endorse bank surcharges

Global regulators are expected to give the green light on July18 th to two measures they hope will shield taxpayers from having to rescue failed banks again.

AIB and EBS get approval for aid

ThE European Commission has approved state aid of up to €13.1 billion for the merged Allied Irish Bank and Educational Building Society to ensure it is sufficiently capitalised to meet stress test requirements.

Private equity not ruled out for Bank of Ireland

Allianz kick-starts insurance CoCo bond market

Allianz on Tuesday kick-started the market for insurance "CoCo bonds", selling debt securities that will convert into shares if Europe's biggest insurer hits trouble.

Scor to issue new shares after Q1 disasters

French reinsurer Scor plans to issue 75 million euros ($108.6 million) of new shares in order to strengthen its equity after it had to face a high level of natural events during the first quarter.

Nippon Life to invest in Allianz

Nippon Life Insurance Company said it will invest €500m in Germany’s Allianz contingent convertibles

Basel on wrong path to tackle systemic risk

SCOR taps contingent capital as cat losses mount

French reinsurer SCOR has drawn down €75m from the contingent capital facility provided to it by investment bank UBS. The Q1 2011 catastrophe losses suffered by SCOR, triggered the conversion of the bond into shares. UBS which subscribed to the bond in December 2011, now becomes a SCPR shareholder

AIB - Capital Raising Update