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Slovenia's NLB bank issues shares, bond to hike capital

Slovenia's largest bank Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) will this week issue new shares and a contingent convertible (CoCo) bond worth some 380 million euros ($473.90 million) to meet the EU's capital requirements, its chief executive said on Wednesday.

Big banks craft "living wills" in case they fail

Five of the biggest banks in the United States are putting finishing touches on plans for going out of business as part of government-mandated contingency planning that could push them to untangle their complex operations.

Credit Suisse may bring forward CoCo bond sale: paper

A CoCo critique, Lloyds edition

No bail-in, Spain?

EC opens door for new subordinated asset class


Slovenian bank NLB may issue CoCo bond-finmin

Slovenia's largest bank Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) may issue a contingent convertible (CoCo) bond this month to hike its capital in line with European Banking Authority (EBA) requirements, finance minister Janez Sustersic said on Thursday.

Portugal's BPI secures further state aid

Portugal's Banco BPI on Monday said the state will inject cash into the lender as part of a EUR1.5 billion recapitalization plan, allowing the bank to meet higher capital requirements from the European Banking Authority.

New crisis management measures to avoid future bank bail-outs

These proposals adopted by the European Commission for EU-wide rules for bank recovery and resolution ensure that in the future authorities will have the means to intervene decisively both before problems occur and early on in the process if they do. Furthermore, if the financial situation of a bank deteriorates beyond repair, the proposal ensures that a bank's critical functions can be rescued while the costs of restructuring and resolving failing banks fall upon the bank's owners and creditors and not on taxpayers.

Why You Need a Preferred Stock ETF

With interest rates frozen at near-zero levels for the next two years, investors have been scrambling to find sources of income for their portfolios. As such, dividend investing has become increasingly popular in the past few years, as investors have been quick to adopt the benefits offered by securities that pay out a steady cash distribution.

RBS Hybrid Bonds May Be Upgraded After Coupon Payments